Why Testosterone Levels Are Important For Health

testosterone moleculeThe biggest reason men experience a low level of testosterone is age related.

The gradual loss begins at 30 and can create many problems later on in life. So it is obviously very important that men ensure their T levels are normal their age.

Also being exposed to different chemicals and an unhealthy lifestyle are more reasons which can also affect testosterone production.

Now that we know what could cause low testosterone levels, let’s look at why healthy testosterone levels are important.

What are normal testosterone levels for a healthy man?

Testosterone Could Decrease Depression

Depression is never a nice thing to have, but if you do you may want to get your testosterone levels checked. Research is starting to show that men who experience depression have also had low levels of testosterone. Although no relation has yet been found, there have been some results relating to an increased mood in men who have participated in testosterone treatments.

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Shedding Body Fat

Since testosterone helps regulate the body’s insulin, fat metabolism and glucose. As a man’s body gets older, testosterone decreases our body’s ability to regulate glucose, insulin and the burning of body fat. This ultimately makes the body accumulate more body fat. If that’s not bad enough, having an increased amount of body fat can also inhibit the production of testosterone and creating estrogen.

Muscle Mass Increases

Testosterone and building muscle mass go hand-in-hand. Besides building muscle mass, it also increases your strength. This occurs through muscle protein synthesis.

Testosterone Levels in Men

Can Create A Stronger Heart

Research is unclear as far as testosterone creating a stronger heart. Some studies have shown lower testosterone levels can increase heart related problems, while a higher testosterone level may also increase heart problems. This research is far from concluded, but doctors have begun to show a keen interest in it if it does help prevent heart disease, even if a little bit.

Remember, testosterone hormones themselves do not help the fight against heart disease, it is the amount of testosterone that creates the desired benefit.

Increase In Bone Strength

Osteoporosis has never been a problem that only affects women. Men are also prone to this debilitating condition. Having low levels of testosterone could be a major player in poor bone strength. Having a higher testosterone level will increase your bone density. This is accomplished by the bone mineralization becoming stimulated. It can also both decrease and prevent resorption of the bones.

Improves Both Libido And Erections

With testosterone being a sex hormone, it is no surprise that your inability to maintain an erection or having a lack of sexual interest could be related to low testosterone levels. This is actually an early sign that a man can be experiencing low testosterone levels. So, keep this in mind if your sexual desire changes for the worse towards your significant other.

Chances Of Alzheimer’s Disease Are Decreased

New studies have shown testosterone decreasing the chance of Alzheimer’s disease. One study held at the University of Hong Kong showed that out of 47 men who had a mild amount of cognitive impairment, 10 of those men had developed signs of Alzheimer’s. These 10 Chinese men also showed very low levels of testosterone throughout their body’s tissue.

Cognition Can Be Improved

Many studies have proved that there is a relation between testosterone levels and a man’s cognitive ability. In two Dutch studies, testosterone was found to be directly related to a person’s cognitive function. In the other study, they found a direct connection between testosterone levels and memory loss. Researchers believe that because of this, testosterone could possibly prevent tissue decay in the brain. That is why memory loss, fogginess, and trouble with concentration occurs in low testosterone men.

Testosterone Can Increase Desire for Power and Dominance

Numerous studies have shown a link between dominance and testosterone. It is also known that testosterone is the main motivator to achieving a high social status. It is also the fuel which allows an individual to reach increased success, handle authority and resist oppression.

Testosterone Helps A Person To Tolerate Taking Risks

Having a high level of testosterone is strongly related to an individual’s ability and willingness to take increased risks. In studies showing men with high-level testosterone but low status or power, showed their motivation were through the roof when it came to taking risks in order to achieve higher power or a higher status. The flip-side of this is that men who already have a higher testosterone level along with status and power, are less likely to take risks because they don’t want to lose what they have already gained.

When it comes to competitiveness, many studies have proven that not only do testosterone levels increase prior to physicality, but the levels also continue to increase if an individual wins a fight or competition. This automatically gives the person a much higher chance for future wins, even if the opponent is matched equally.

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