Zinc’s Role In Healthy Bodies

One of the most prominent minerals for the human body is zinc. It is essential for maintaining the vital functions of the human body with a wonder of health benefits. Zinc has so many advantages for your inner body as well as your outer body. Some of the health benefits include boosting your immune system and the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Zinc is also responsible for the proper operation of more than 300 various enzymes in your body. In addition, zinc is a powerful antioxidant that slows down the aging process and fights free radical damage. And a deficiency in zinc can be harmful to your health.

Some of the problems associated with the deficiency of zinc include;

zinc molecule• Low blood pressure
• Chronic fatigue
• Depression
• Infertility
• Loss of appetite
• Poor immunity
• Inability to focus and poor memory
• Changes in taste & smell
• Nerve dysfunction

Excessive zinc can also be harmful to your health since it suppresses the absorption of copper that can have adverse effects. So taking the right amount of zinc is crucial. Getting enough zinc from food can be sufficient that you may not need to take any zinc supplements.

Primary Sources Of Zinc

The top sources of zinc include beans, meat, seafood, fish, nuts, whole grains, and dairy. Zinc that is in meat and dairy products increases its absorption. However, “antinutrients” like phytates that are found in whole grains and legumes can actually prevent or decrease the absorption of zinc because the carbohydrates in these foods replace the high-quality proteins. So vegetarians are at a higher risk of zinc deficiency.

The highest amount of zinc are in high-protein foods such as;

• Lamb
• Grass-fed beef
• Oysters
• Turnips
• Almonds
• Peanuts
• Pecan nuts
• Ginger root
• Lobster
• Peas
• Yogurt
• Crab (King Alaskan)
• Pumpkin seeds
• Chickpeas (Garbanzo beans)

Zinc can also be found in testosterone boosting supplements, such as Spartagen XT which can be found here: Spartagen-XT.com.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Zinc

• Boosts Immunity

Zinc boosts your immune system that helps to fight against the common cold, bacteria, and viruses. Zinc supplements can help decrease the duration and the severity of colds and other infections.

• Powerful Antioxidant

Zinc is a natural antioxidant that can eliminate the free radicals that can cause cancer and prevents cancerous cell mutation and tumor growth. It also prevents inflammation and a number of diseases. The antioxidants in zinc can slow down aging as well.

• Helps With Weight Loss

Zinc plays a significant role in weight loss. It reduces your appetite which can prevent overeating, especially in obese individuals.

• Helps With Muscle Growth

Zinc is a major benefit for muscle growth and repairment. It’s crucial for cell growth and cell division and helps your body maintain strength in the muscular and skeletal system. Zinc can contribute to increasing the growth hormone and testosterone which builds muscle mass and increases metabolism especially after high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and weight training.

• Improves Cognitive Function

Zinc plays a fundamental role in your mental function and can ensure the proper function of neurotransmitters that signals the body. It also regulates dopamine that supports your energy and focus.

• Heals Skin Problems

One of the significant functions of zinc is stimulating white blood cells. White blood cells are essential for healing and can defend your body against infections such as burns, canker sores, ulcers, and variant wounds. Zinc also helps with acne and eczema as well.

• Aids With Biological Functions

Zinc is imperative in various biological functions such as diabetes control, female and male reproduction, stress level regulation, and physical growth.

• Helps With Digestion & Nutrient Absorption

Zinc breaks down carbohydrates from food, which is the main source of energy for your body. Consuming zinc also benefits a healthy metabolism and helps your body absorb other nutrients as well.

• Treats Depression & Elevates Mood

Dopamine production is partly regulated by zinc. It is a chemical in the brain that can boost energy, mood levels, and treat depression.


The recommended dosage of zinc for children ages 1 to 8 ranges from 3 to 5 milligrams. Children from ages 9 to 13 require 8 milligrams. After the age of 14, the requirements increase to 11 milligrams per day for males and 9 milligrams for females, the same requirements as adults.

It is always best to obtain vitamins and minerals from food. But the vitamins and minerals individually that make the nutritious foods a vital part of your diet is not as potent as the synergy of nutrients from these foods.

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